We wrote this song when we did one of our last tours before the world shut down. We were touring in the United States and stopped by Los Angeles to write music with some incredibly talented people. We wrote this song at Teemu’s home together with Alida. We heard her voice on other records and really wanted to work with her.

We were all in the same vibe, Covid-19 was spreading across the globe and we thought that the feeling of uncertainty about the future might be relatable for everybody. This way we all got in the vibe of writing a song about an impossible love. What cannot be right now, but what could be in another world, in another life. During these sessions we knew we were working on something special. The record still feels like that to us and it’s become one of the biggest on the album so far.

Written by

Lucas de Wert, Steven Jansen, Teemu Brunila, Alida Garpestad Peck

City of origin

Los Angeles