The track we like to call the “cheekiest” one on our album because we wrote this on a very off-day when Lucas was feeling super ill. Like fever and headache ill. Lucas was at home and just decided to play something on the piano and sent it to Steve who was in the studio and then all of a sudden Steve had build a track around it. In the end we worked on this track so long, but it just kept on improving. We were also blown away by Clara Mae’s voice from the start. She’s incredible and that track wouldn’t be complete without her.

While working on this track we did a lot of writing sessions in Stockholm. After most sessions we kept working on this track because it felt like the wildcard because even if we would have had a really bad session one of those days (and nope, we didn’t) we would still have this crazy song to work on. This made sure we had a great vibe writing and producing in Stockholm. Those were some of the most productive days of our careers so far.

Written by

Lucas de Wert, Steven Jansen, Cassandra Ströberg, Nicki Adamsson, Clara Hagman

City of origin