This is the first track we wrote together with our friends Haris Alagic and Adriaan Persons. Of course we borrowed the melody of A-ha ‘Take On Me’ for the chorus. We just tried it out, even-though the chances that A-ha themselves, their managers and their publishers would allow us making use of that iconic melody, were pretty slim. A longshot, for sure.

We wrote the whole song in an afternoon, it went so fast and well that our chemistry with Haris and Adriaan was really noticable. We waited a long time before all parties (including themselves) had agreed that using A-ha’s melody was a good idea. At some point we collectively decided to give up on the idea that the sample would ever be cleared and we could release it. It’s hard to describe how thrilled we were to hear, out of the blue, that the rights had been cleared and we were good to go.

Written by

Lucas de Wert, Steven Jansen, Paul Waaktaar, Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen, Adriaan C. Persons, Haris Alagic

City of origin