The origins of this song come from one of those glorious nights that after a show we couldn’t sleep. This was in Columbus, Ohio. We played in that city for the first time and we were blown away by the number of people going absolutely crazy. A major energy rush kicked in and lasted for hours after the show. The track was called ‘Columbus’ until we took it to Ibiza, where we played it to singers/songwriters Moa and Hilda. They felt the energy and we decided to team-up and write a song on the production.

The relaxed Ibiza-feeling and our crazy show in Columbus inspired us to write a song about why you shouldn’t wait for life to really happen to you and start meaning something. ‘Don’t Wait For Life, because life won’t wait for you either’, is what we said. Take control and try your best to make the best out of it and live your life to the fullest.

Wait For Life is one of the first tracks where Lucas plays the guitar himself, and he spent numerous takes of recording the instruments in different ways for a different sound. Steve took extensive time making those guitars sound even better in the mix and the whole song was a great learning process in the studio.

Written by

Lucas de Wert, Steven Jansen, Moa Pettersson Hammar, Hilda Stenmalm

City of origin