Our collab with one of our favorite singers, Kiesza. She is amazing and working with her really feels like an honor. We wrote the song together with her, Conor Blake and Sophia Ayana, who were incredible to work with also. That group was just a great level of talent and personality.

We got in touch with Kiesza when she asked us to do a remix for her song ‘Love Me With Your Lie’. It’s obvious Kiesza’s got one of the most amazing voices out there, but when we got our hands on those remix files and heard her acapella tracks we were speechless. We quickly checked if she would be willing to work on a record together and that’s where When You’re Alone originates.

This all happened pretty late in the album process after the pandemic started so we had to work from a distance. We spent hours facetiming with Kiesza in Los Angeles from the Netherlands in the middle of the night working on the song and recording it. We’ll never forget setting alarms for 3am to go for a recording session with her with eyes half-closed and mind still in wonderland-mode. But it paid off, the song became even better than we could have ever hoped for and we got to know a really nice, genuine person in the process.

Written by

Lucas de Wert, Steven Jansen, Sophie Ayana, Conor Blake, Kiesza Rae Ellsetad

City of origin