Probably best example of late night inspiration, and one of the reasons we will ALWAYS keep on getting up at night, even when almost asleep, if an idea pops up in our heads. It can be worth it. After playing at a huge festival in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, This melody appeared almost out of nowhere, it was like it was just there all of a sudden.

When something like that happens you just have to move and fast and get something down and we went straight to work on our laptops. We kept on working for hours after the show and still buzzing from the festival. Not tired at all.

We wanted to convey that feeling of festival energy we were feeling so Where Have You Gone ended up becoming the track to close our shows with. It’s always lifting us up. Producing a track with your mind still set to the stage and that buzzing crowd made us produce in a way perfect for that setting. It was born at a festival so it only makes sense that’s where it reaches its maximum potential.

Written by

Lucas de Wert, Steven Jansen, Cimo A. Frankel, Rik Annema

City of origin